Getting the Fire Fucked Out of Her

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There’s this thing for me with redheads where they are either insanely sexy or butt fucking ugly. There just doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Those that are hot seem to be feisty too, it’s like a it’s a package deal.

This girl is clearly not a natural redhead but you know what, some girls are so feisty that they end up being redheads one way or another 😀

You know what else I love? Massage porn!

It’s the slow seduction of it. The naughtiness and the taboo of touching where you’re not supposed to and risking getting in trouble for it. The whole game of slowly working the client into a state of arousal for the exact purpose of eventually getting away with a touch that would initially have landed you in trouble.

While this is of course all scripted in porn it doesn’t mean I don;t want to buy into the fantasy/ That after all is exactly what porn is about and these guys do it so well.

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