Slutty Or Free?

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Girls are hard to figure out. There are such fine lines that can change someone’s entire perspective of you. For example I met this girl in college that claimed to be a free spirit. Kind of like a hippy. She especially applied this to her sex life. She said she just went with whatever felt good at the moment.. She never worried about responsibilities, or commitment or even consequences.

One time we decided to go boat on the river. She invited some of her friends and at one point she just took off her bathing suit and went over to this other chick and started making out with her right in front of all of us. She didn’t care that she had an audience. She loved it. Right now you can take advantage of this Open Life discount for 74% off and see what I’m talking about. These scenarios are the hottest you’ve ever imagined and feature the sexiest babes in the industry. So get your lube ready and have the time of your life.